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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Re. The Flood Relief Scheme for Cork City

What is this wall-obsession going around? Walling a river is such an archaic and anti-aesthetic idea - shocking that this is even considered, especially for a city that works so hard to be a worthy tourist destination.

Having lived in The Netherlands for 2 years and seen for myself - it is not the way. The Lee isn't a 'problem' but a gift and we must work WITH it. Otherwise even after €140 million and up to 10 year disruption and its costs, economic and of quality of life - WE WON'T WIN!

Periodic flooding is of course an issue, but we can chose to see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to find creative, sustainable solutions. To make Cork greener. Furthermore, any intervention on our lovely city should enhance its historical character and not to take away from it in any way.

What about the trees along the river? Are you prepared to do away with them? Even if OPW says they will be "replaced" - replaced by what exactly? They are gorgeous, mature trees. Unlike concrete and loss of natural views, 'green' is essential for mental-health and general well-being. And obviously better for tourism, as well.

What about having the plant world work for us i.e. a wetland system and woodland buffers, alongside other much more sensible measures? What do us residents prefer: money spent maintaining walls or marches? Besides, WALLS FAIL.

So, in case you are still unaware of the flood relief scheme for Cork City may I direct you to the Save Cork City Facebook page

We must inform ourselves NOW as there isn't much time. Please LIKE it and SHARE it widely!

#StopTheLeeWall #SaveCorkCity #LoveTheLee #CorkCity #LoveCork

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